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The month of July is coming to an end and I’ve literally had just a handful of summer days. Saturday, I spoke with my mom back in San Diego. While it was evening here in Germany, it was mid-morning there. It was very warm and I was envious as I wore a pair of thick wool socks. Two separate spots on the map—6,000 miles apart—experiencing two significantly different summers.

I could hear my two younger sisters—Cheryl and Dianna—preparing to head out for a fund-raising picnic with their female motorcycle club Hard 2 Tame SC San Diego. The event was hosted by “The San Diego Deuces”. Knowing my sisters, they’d be having a ball under the Southern California sun.

Today, I saw a few pictures on Facebook. Everyone was clad in their leatherwear. The men mostly in black, the women mostly in pink. Every group had their club markings prominently on display. The sun was bright in the blue sky and the grass looked too green to be real. I could feel myself smile as I remembered the other beautiful city by the bay that never really stopped being my home.

Oh well, it’ll be August soon. Maybe the sun will come out to play for a bit and I can get rid of these thick socks for a while. Bensheim is a beautiful place, too.

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