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This was originally published in the Canadian edition of HuffPost (formerly known as The Huffington Post) December 5, 2013 while I lived in Germany. In the age of Trump and in the current climate, this point could more relevant now than I could have ever known when I wrote it.

I recently contributed a personal story to a book titled 101 Awesome Things To Do For Someone Who’s Sick. Created by actor and award-winning author Elaine Wilkes, this thought-provoking book is filled with heart-warming stories and wonderful ideas to make life easier for anyone who is ill. I was honored to have been asked to contribute.

My story was about a client I had during my 17-year real estate career in Southern California. She was a lonely widow in a retirement center who needed to sell her home. For me, it became more than just another business transaction.

It was a story I’d been telling for years and the book was the perfect venue to share it with a larger audience. I even created a YouTube video where I read my contribution.

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