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There are those moments when you hear a song that so perfectly fits someone you know that you can’t help but think of them whenever it’s played. These melodies become special and never leave your heart. Just as that special person.

“Das Beste” by Silbermond is such a song…

One such song for me is “Das Beste” (“The Best” in German), performed by the rock band Silbermond from Bautzen, Germany. The group’s name translates to “Silver Moon”.

The song was shared with me by a special woman because the words were so perfect for her feelings for me. It was perfect for my feelings for her, too. I will never forget this tune, as well the one who shared it with me. We may never meet again, but I hope she will always understand she will remain in my heart forever. Dankeschön.

Here is the song with lyrics. It also includes the English translation.

Click here to visit Silbermond’s official website.