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Easier Instead

This is for those women who are in this situation, whether in America, Germany or elsewhere.


It’s really easier to love her
the way a real man would.

Instead it’s not that important
to treat her the way you should.

It’s easier to massage her feet
to relieve the stress of the day.

Instead you cruelly step on her toes
with every word to you she’d say.

It’s easier to whisper in her ear
how it’s special to have her in your life.

Instead you treat her as a cheap Nutte
a Putzfrau…not as your wonderful wife.

It’s easier to gently caress her bottom
and remind her you love her like that.

Instead you constantly hurt and belittle,
by telling her you see her as ugly and fat.

It’s easier to show her your gratitude
as she makes a special dinner for two.

Instead you don’t bother to thank her
for the great things she does for you.

It would be much easier to give her an hour
of pleasure over the years she’d earn.

Instead you care only for your own lust,
five quick minutes, then off to sleep you turn.

It’s so much easier to leave such a man
in search of a life with a better chance.

Instead she faithfully stays by your side
destined to continue this miserable dance.

Copyright © 2013 Lawrence D. Elliott


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