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Terry Whalin @terrywhalin
Acquisitions Editor, Author, Communications Expert, and Information Marketer who loves to help writers.

Terrie Wolf @AKA_Terrie
Literary Agent at AKA Literary (Colorado) proudly representing an eclectic and varied collection of works and authors.

Eric W. Dolan @EWDolan
Editor at @RawStory, founder of @PsyPost and co-founder of The Bacchus (@AllThingsWine).

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Kathleen Ball @kballauthor
Award-winning Best Selling Author of Contemporary Western Romance. Avid reader.

Gabe O’Neill @KidsAreHeroes
Co-Founder of non-profit with 14-year-old daughter. See how kids are changing the world and becoming leaders while doing it.

Larry B. Gray @Larry_B_Gray
Book Reviewer, Author, Citrus Guy, and Leadership Coach. “I Aspire To Inspire Before I Expire.”

Film Ladd @FilmLadd
Has created indie movies Hive Mind & Flatland; writer, editor, director, 3D animator. NOLA expat.

Troop Rewards @TroopRewards
Provides no-cost recovery vacations to US soldiers returning from deployment to aid in their civilian reintegration.

Jim Murray @JimMurrayAuthor
Author of 4 novels.

AKA Literary, LLC @AKA_Lit
News and updates from AKA Literary Agency as reported by cabana boy Neil- Doing the Write thing, one word at a time.

Dan Rockwell @Leadershipfreak
Presenter, author, MBA, and happily married. “My dream is when people see me they think that guy made my life better.”

Michael E. Nichols @MichaelENichols
Writer. Speaker. Administrative Pastor.

Elaine L. Orr @ElaineOrr55
Best-selling Amazon author.

Joseph James @JosephJamesnews
Producer and Actor.

Oswaldo Salom Jr. @osalom
Psychosocial Analyst, Writer, Advisor and General Consultant Strategist.

Douglas Dorow @DougDorow
Indie Thriller and Suspense writer.

Mark Williams @markdamusicman
Disabled Navy Veteran.

HH4Heroes @HH4Heroes
Harvesting Happiness 4 Heroes offers a stigma-free approach to facilitating the transformation of trauma to growth for veterans. A 501C3 founded @LisaKamen.

Nick LeVar @TheNickLeVar
Founder of @FreeWorldAuthor. Fiction writing is his reality, and the only reality he knows is that which he creates within the padded walls of his cranial asylum.

Swarez Modern Art @SwarezArt
Professional artist and painter, cake lover, petrol-head, martial arts instructor, Galactic Space Ranger and Damien Hirst’s next door neighbour (yes really!).

Heyo @heyo
They Build & Design Custom Facebook Page Apps, Mobile Apps and Websites all with one easy to use tool.

Blessid Union Of Souls @blessidband
A thought provoking-group, whose song “I Believe” is one the greatest I’ve ever heard.

Ricardo de Swart @RicardodeSwart
Interesting tweets. He follows 100%.

DJ, VJ, and Video remixer.

Lorijo Metz @scifiwritermom
Author of 25+ books. @MediReview
The Medical Marijuana Review: Covering the research, science and news around medical marijuana.

B Inspired by Cindy @mchanson714
“WHAT kind of visions do I have? God-Miracles-Heaven-Angels-ETC.”

Mónica Rodriguez @MonicaRR7
Director at: Active E. Language Center. “What is that you express in your eyes, it seems to me more than all the print I have read in my life.”

Bert Gleaton @gtg797t
Check him out. He follows back.

Jessie B Tyson @JessieBTyson
Loves to tweet authors.

African from America @DimmieTatum
That’s right, there’s another African-American in Germany. This place is crazy. America is, too. No one escapes his tweets. He will follow back.

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