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American’s Slaughterhouse: Whos Really to blame?

With the recent shooting in Aurora, Colorado, America is once again faced with the issue of gun control. And once again the words of comfort for the victims have been spoken and the country searches for who or what is to blame for such carnage. Recently, I was honored to publish an opinion piece for The Dean’s Report that just might surprise you with my answer.

The Dean’s Report is a website dedicated to giving you an honest and sometimes comedic view of the issues of the day, from politics to pop culture. It’s neither LEFT nor RIGHT. It’s not Democrat nor Republican. The site is creation of Dean Obeidallah, a former lawyer turned political comedian and commentator.  He’s appeared on numerous TV shows, including CNN, Comedy Central’s “Axis of Evil” Special, Current TV’s “The Young Turks”, ABC’s “The View”, MSNBC’s “Up With Chris Hayes”, NBC’s “Rock Center”, and ABC’s “Nightline”.

Dean has written articles for, The Huffington Post, BBC Radio and has written jokes, which have appeared on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update” segment and CBS’ “The Late, Late Show”.

I was honored to share my views on his unique website. Click here to read my piece, as well as his other great articles.

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