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What is the true meaning of love?

You’re young. You find that special person and fall deeply in love. You decide to you want to grow old together. What if you could look into the future to see how you’d each look? Would you like to know? How would you look as a 90-year-old? Would you like what you see?

The True Meaning of Love: What Does That Mean?

Is it easier to fall in love when you’re young and the conventional definition of outer beauty is still present? I might disagree with this, but how do you feel? Eventually, we’ll all age. Will she still be the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen? Will he remain the handsome man you fell in love with?

Watch as this young couple is given a unique gift to see themselves 60 years into the future, assisted with some outstanding makeup and prosthetics. Maybe you’ll have the same emotional reaction they had as they relived their definition of the meaning of true love.