Oh sh!t, you’re black!

Oh sh!t, you’re black!


Is there a difference between being a racist and just having a prejudice?

In this Kindle humor e-single, I explore an important point…

is there a difference between being a racist and just having a prejudice?

Picture this…you’re on the phone with a guy you’ve never met. He has a strong and rugged sounding voice. You envision he’s six feet five, muscular, and handsome.

Then, you’re shocked upon meeting him. He’s actually barely five feet tall, paunchy, and bald.

Or perhaps you’re on the phone with a woman setting up a blind date. She has a sexy and sultry voice. A real knockout!

Of course, you paint an image in your head that perfectly matches what you hear. What happens when you finally meet Well…let’s just say she’s not how you pictured her!

This has happened to the author many, many, many times. He’s spoken to thousands and thousands of people over the phone and, after hearing his voice, they’d draw their own picture of him, with one discrepancy: he would be a white.

The author is, of course, African-American.

No matter how much we try to deny it, we judge each other, not only by how we look, but also how we sound.

So…Is there a difference between racism and just having a prejudice? Read and come to your own conclusion.

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