Teacher Miracles: Inspirational True Stories from the Classroom

Teacher Miracles: Inspirational True Stories from the Classroom


This books includes my story “She Gently Opened Doors”.

Here’s an excerpt:
Somehow, a test I had taken showed my learning ability was below normal. I was placed in a special English class. Now, it wasn’t just some racist idiot trying to make me feel like less of a person. Now a test score showed that perhaps it was true, or so I thought. I walked into class that first day, eyes moistened by the hurt I felt, not wanting to talk to anyone. Then, she appeared. Ms. Davila, my teacher for the class.

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Good teachers are so much more than instructors in the three R’s–they’re coaches, therapists, career counselors, and surrogate parents all rolled into one. In this moving collection of more than fifty true stories, teachers and students alike reveal the life-changing moments taking place in classrooms all over the world, transforming–and sometimes saving–young lives.

Good teachers can make all the difference–and Teacher Miracles celebrates this special and often dramatic role teachers play in all our lives.

SPECIAL NOTE: This story is very important to me. It occurred during the early 1970’s, those days of busing and racial friction. An amazing teacher–who happened to be white–made a difference in my life and gave me two very valuable gifts. They turned out to be worth more than all the gold in the world.

I probably would not have become a writer without her. Teachers really are important to our society.

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