My Dad Is My Hero: Tributes to the Men Who Gave Us Life, Love, and Driving Lessons

My Dad Is My Hero: Tributes to the Men Who Gave Us Life, Love, and Driving Lessons


This books includes my story “Well, I’ve Had a Plenty!”.

Here’s an excerpt:

He was born in the small Louisiana town of Lillie in 1922 as “L Hawthorne” and was the only person I’d ever known who had a single letter for a name. And I wasn’t alone. Whenever he met someone new, they’d ask what it stood for. He’d always reply with a polite smile, “L, just L.”

One day, I asked, “How come you only have one letter as your name?”

The answer was something I’ve never forgotten.

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Children often have trouble telling their father how much they love him. Fortunately, this book expresses those emotions for them. This endearing collection of stories about the everyday heroics of the contributors’ fathers, and father figures, will show Dad how much he means to his children. From the story of a fly fishing trip that bonded father and daughter to the one that saw a friend’s imposing father turn into the contributors’ own loving father-figure, this wonderful book brings together tales of heroic dads from all walks of life, and is a great way for his kids to show him how much they care. And it lets dads everywhere know that they don’t need to be daring to be heroic. That it can be the little things that mean the most to his kids.

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